Kara Andretta

Kara Andretta
In a former life I studied the fine arts, with the intention of teaching school aged children grades K-12. I completed 3 years of my degree before life directed me elsewhere. Unable to return to the small, private college I had originally attended, I took on a number of different jobs managing in the food industry. I’ve always loved food, and as a manager I was once again in the position to teach. A brief food industry hiatus lead me to the man who become my husband, and who was the true catalyst in my beginning a caking career.
I began making cakes around the time of the birth of my first son, Angelo. While delighting in indulging him on birthdays and special occasions, I also garnered many compliments and encouragement to begin my own business. I was intrigued by the thought of working for myself, and motivated by the idea of having a family business to pass down to my children, teaching them as they grew. But I knew that first I needed a solid foundation of knowledge. So I enrolled at the Harvard of the world's culinary schools - The Culinary Institute of America. During my time at The Culinary, I also completed an internship in the fashionable SoHo district of New York City, with one of the country's premier cake designers. Soaking up every bit of advice, knowledge and inspiration that I could, I returned to The Culinary to finish my education.
I love teaching people new things. Having students that truly crave your knowledge and experience is fabulous, and what better subject than cake? While I still take many orders, most of my focus is now on pushing the limits of cake and sugar art and teaching. 
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