Sharon, you have done so much for the cake decorating community!  You have the most thorough, detailed and best videos of them all!  Thank you soooooooo much!

— Beth P

Another GREAT tutorial. I love being a member, best $ I ever spent. Thank You Sharon for always adding new things.

— TraciB

Sharon, you made it look so easy! These are beautiful. Can't wait to give it a try. Your videos are amazing. Thank you for putting all of this together.

— Bottitasn

The school is absolutely awesome! You did a wonderful job putting it together. I love it when people take time these days to get things right before launching a product. It makes a world of difference!   

— TaM

Your online school has been an absolute life saver!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!   

— Janell D

This video was an incredible Lession. Just incredible! IT'S OFFICIAL, you are my FAVORITE designer/teacher/promoter. I have been a customer for years and I have to tell you, I don't for one tad bit feel a single cent has been of waste, whether you're promoting someone else's product, DVD's or this wonderful SugarED School. I applaud you! Gratitude Sharon Z!!!!! 

— Tala P

I just wanted to tell you that I love, love, love your site!! and I am soooo happy you did this. You really are the best of the best and I will follow you forever--

— Rosie

Thank you for the tutorial on Airbrush in the Sugar Art School. Thanks to that tutorial I learned that my "gun"/airbrush wasn't a total loss. I just ordered a repair kit and will soon be able to use it again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you... ***that tutorial is Awesome, btw.

Oh and the double barrel one, and the Ganache, and the Tropical Fish and the Marshmallow Fondant and.... Ok, let's just say I love School.. SugarEd Productions Sugar Art School, that is. :)
— Annette C

I love it:-) I'm a new member and I think you're one of the best teachers in the cake world!!

— Tami R

 From her very first video, “Perfecting Buttercream”, Sharon has generously, and clearly shared her knowledge and expertise with everyone she has touched. Her style of teaching and reaching her students / audience is incomparable. She makes you believe in your own abilities, and shows you easy ways to make spectacular creations. I own all of her teaching DVD’s and eagerly await each new release! I go back and watch them over and over, as there are little things that you miss the first time through. 

I have been very fortunate to take two classes with Sharon and attend another she hosted. The information imparted was invaluable. Knowledge just flows out of her during general conversation in class. Not to mention they are Way too much fun! I encourage anyone interested to use these valuable tools to enhance and simplify their caking experience. Many thanks to Sharon for sharing her expertise to everyone’s enjoyment!
— PatB

SugarEd Productions is the BEST way to learn basic and advanced cake decorating techniques and tricks! When people ask me where I went to school or how I learned to decorate cakes, I am eager to tell them Sharon's videos! I now own a successful cake decorating business, and I owe a lot to Sharon's videos. They really helped me turn a hobby into a new career! We've never met, but I totally feel like I know Sharon after watching her videos!

— Tracy

Sharon's videos have increased my skills to a whole new level. I've leaped hurdles I couldn't get past. Sharon's excellent tips are amazing! I have all of her videos and her detailed teaching methods can help anyone at any skill level. 

Thanks so much Sharon. Looking forward to SugarEd's future!
— Thiara

The tips and techniques have helped me improve my abilities immensely thus helping my business to grow. I love the way she teaches in real-time. I feel like I am right there in her kitchen receiving a personal class. Not only are the  videos fabulous but the extra tips and recipes included are just another way that Sharon shows that her main reason for doing all of it is to help people who love cake decorating as much as she obviously does. thank you Sharon--we love you!!

— CindyS

SugarEd Productions products are a MUST have for every cake decorator, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional. 

Sharon has helped take my cakes to a whole new level. I have a confidence that I never had before and every time I rewatch the videos I learn something new. 
Sharon is an amazing teacher, every other video I have purchased has paled in comparison. I have recommended Sharon's videos and products to other people at least a 100 times and I have never heard of anyone disappointed.
I have also purchased almost every tool that SugarEd has in stock and they are all of the highest quality and the best tools for the job. 
It's the BEST money you could EVER spend!!
— Janel

 A must for any cake decorator. One of the best investments I have made to my cake decorating arsenal. 

Sharon is adorable and pleasant to watch and she so graciously shares years of tricks from the trade that will take anyone's decorating skills to the next level. 
Her videos and tutorials save you time and money by taking out the trial and error that comes with trying new techniques.
— DieR
I have all of Sharon's instructional dvd's and I watch them while in my kitchen making cakes. I've only been doing cakes for 1 1/2 years and I have improved so much by practicing the techniques shown in each production. I think Sharon is clear and concise and has done her research on the best techniques. I practice on each cake and they have become smoother, straighter, stronger and safer in stacking. I just tried the recipe for the topsy turvy cake and it's another winner. I have almost every tool from her web site and they work very well. 
I also appreciate the fact that I can email Sharon with any cake decorating question and she answers right away. That's amazing for as busy as she is!!! Plus, I think she is so funny and I enjoy all of her comments about her work. I like that she can laugh at herself. I wish I were closer to be able to take a class from her and hope she'll head out east someday.
— Nancy

I want to address not just your videos, (which I have and love), but also your site, as well. I love the enthusiasm you project right through the monitor screen! Love your sense of humor and delightful style of writing. It is infectious and inspires me to reach higher than I would think possible. My skills have definitely improved and as I reach out of my comfort zone I am very happy with the results. The products you demonstrate with your tutorials are great and it helps having your instructions. Thanks so much for your site...I don't really see what you could do to improve it. (But I am eagerly awaiting what you will do next!)

— Jan
What can't I say about Sharon and her amazing videos? She has definitely taken my skill level up a notch! Her instructional videos teach you everything you need to be able to not only recreate her amazing cake designs, but be able to apply her techniques to others as well! 
Buttercream has never looked so smooth! Thank you Sharon!
— Weirdk
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