Marlene Debattista

Marlene Debattista

I am a cake artist with over 21 years experience in cake decorating. Although I do not decorate cakes professionally, cake decorating is my greatest passion and I design and decorate cakes continuously for family and friends. Although I have tried my hand at various kinds of cakes, my specialty and also my favorite kind of cakes are feminine cakes with soft colors and flowers, especially roses.

I started decorating cakes at a young age. At that time I had no knowledge of cake decorating techniques and used to do simple cakes for Christmas and other special occasions for my family. I only started taking cake decorating seriously when I saw an advert on a local newspaper for a course in cake decorating. I attended the course and loved it so much that I took further courses and continued to increase my knowledge.

A few years ago I decided to start posting my cakes on my Facebook page entitled ‘CakeHeaven by Marlene’, and my work started gaining attention worldwide.  

Subsequently I was asked to contribute to various cake collaborations; this has helped me to challenge myself to think outside the box and move outside my comfort zone.

I was also very fortunate to have some of my work featured in various cake decorating magazines, including American Cake Decorating, Cake Masters Magazine, Cake Craft Guide – Wedding Cakes and Sugar Flowers, and Cake Craft and Decoration. I have also contributed tutorials which were published in Cake Masters Magazine.

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