•   DEC. 2, 2013   •   32212 VIEWS

Ruffles and Lace Fantasy Flowers

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In this fun video, Sharon will show you techniques for making three different types of ruffled fantasy flowers and their variations. Learn how to use cutters that were not intended for flowers in new and creative ways. Let your imagination soar!

These completed flowers are used in both the Piped Dessert Cakes video and the Chocolate Wraps video.


 Segment Timecodes:

  • Pink Ruffle Flower  00:33
  • Jacobean Lace Flower  12:53
  • Big Blue Ruffled Flower  25:52
  • Dusting Each Flower  31:52


  • For the pink ruffle flower the 2" circle cutter was used for the base.  The 2 3/4" circle cutter was used for the petals.
  • For the Jacobean lace flower, the 2" circle cutter was used for the base.  The "fan" and "teardrop" shapes were used to make the petals.
  • For the blue ruffled flower, the base of the cutter set was used for the bottom of the flower (3 7/8"), the 3 1/4" circle cutter was used for the first layer, the 2 3/4" circle cutter was used for the layer and the 1 3/8" circle cutter for the center.
  • Just a note to mention that when I dropped the brush, it fell onto a clean, food safe tray I had beside me behind the counter, so it was safe to continue using it. :)

Please enjoy the video!

Sharon :)




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