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Tropical Fish Cake

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Need a super fast, super cute, and super easy 3D fish cake? With just some simple carving using one layer of cake, fondant and a few airbrush colors, you will be able to create this whimsical cake in just a few hours. Sharon will take you through every single step from start to finish.


  • drum or base board  (22 in)
  • one layer of cake, not leveled (13 in)
  • fondant: white, yellow, blue, black
  • veining tool
  • toothpicks
  • carving knife
  • ruler
  • white buttercream
  • blue buttercream
  • pizza cutter
  • clay gun
  • cornstarch
  • spatula
  • sterile water in spray bottle

Segment Timecodes:

  • Carving cake 00:40
  • Crumbcoat 13:45
  • Applying fondant 19:21
  • Eyes and scales 24:10
  • Mouth 27:28
  • Airbrushing fish 29:35
  • Making fins and grass 35:03
  • Applying stripes and eyes 56:12
  • Finishing touches: buttercream water, applying fins, grass, sand and rocks


  • If you do not have an airbrush you can use the canned spray colors.
  • Sometimes tylose added to fondant items will soften when touching buttercream. If time is short and not enough time to fully dry the grass, leave out the tylose.
  • The template for the fins can be found here.
  • The sturdy cake recipe used in this video is here.
  • The buttercream recipe used is here.


Sharon :)



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