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Hybrid Buttercream

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This icing is a great marriage of a meringue and American buttercream. Smooth and silky, non crusting but stable and pipes beautifully. And very easy to make!

Please enjoy the video!

Sharon :)


  • Hybrid Buttercream recipe:
  • pasteurized egg whites
  • butter
  • shortening with trans fats (hi ratio preferred)
  • powdered sugar
  • vanilla
  • salt
  • gel colors (optional)

Segment Timecodes:

  • Sharon explains the icing  00:54
  • making the meringue  02:10
  • adding the shortening and butter  06:20
  • coloring the icing  08:24
  • removing air bubbles  11:25
  • Sharon demonstrates how to pipe with Hybrid Buttercream  15:19
  • Sharon explains the butter/shortening ratio  17:04


  • This is a non-crusting buttercream and therefore you cannot smooth it with Viva paper towel.
  • This icing can stay in cool room about 2 days, fridge for about 2 weeks, freeze about 3 months. 
  • Meringue powder and water can be used in place of the carton egg whites, but the icing may not perform as well.
  • See this icing in use in the Jumbo Piped Flowers video inside the member area:



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